Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mark Taibbi on the American Gangster Ecoromy

This deliciously scathig article by Mark Taibbi on the unbelievable shenanigans of Goldman-Sachs, Al Gore, and pretty much the entire financial 'regulatory' system of the United States should be read while sitting down: it's simply too much.

Of course, Taibbi misses out on some of the economic subtleties of what transpired during the events he describes - and thereby deprives himself of some real gems - but he has the politics down pat.

[And considering that Mark cut his journalistic teeth at the irreplaceable The Exile in Moscow during some of Russia's wilder days, he probably has good reasons for using the term "gangster economy" to describe the current day U.S.A.]

In case any of you thinks Mark is hallucinating, I'll put up a little gem from the Atlantic Monthly as well. Same economic blind-spots, same political acuity.

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