Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The End of American Naval Superiority

I still don’t know who the War Nerd is – but he posts some of the most interesting articles on all things related to war. This latest one got my real attention, because it shouldn’t come as a surprise at all to anybody who has read a little bit about military theory – and if it was only Edward Luttwack’s slim but impressive “Strategy” (it’s absolutely worth the read, particularly Luttwack’s discussion on the military usefulness of aerial bombing of cities during WWII, but I digress).

That there are means of getting at the carriers is not exactly news. Remember the Kursk? Well, rumour back then had it it was carrying a neat little toy called the Shkval; no need to get into details here, the layman simply needs to know that this is a really, really fast torpedo that scares the bejeezus out of every honest navy man.

So, while there was once fear the Russian were going to sell the Shkval to the Chinese, who would then use it to blow the Kitty Hawk out of the Pacific in case of a little Taiwan Anschluss, we can relax: China won’t be needing any help from dem Russkies anymore.

Though when it comes down to it, maybe the Chinese will just buy America’s blue water fleet rather than blow it up?

Interesting times.

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